The Happy Heart

The Happy Heart


Adventure Sessions

Uncommonly Good Experiences 

For Awakening 

Your Brilliant Brain, 

Brimming Body 

and Bright Soul


Nature Immersion

Experience the language nature as it communicates to you privately and directly. Activities interacting with plants, animals and the elements are custom crafted according to your present chapter in life.

Soul Vision

Introspective and multi sensory activities including a guided inquiry process that incrementally steers you to your deeper soul guidance, and culminate in a vision quest.

Empowered By Illness

Your symptom conceals a great key for going forward in wholeness. This method will transform all negative aspects of your illness into new positive life powers.

Optimal Body Fitness

Through inner inquiry experience a dialogue with your body. Then, enter activities involving motion while aligned with your heart. Increase your strength, flexibility and agility in efficient and innovative ways.

Creativity Compounded

Custom selected out-of-the-box activities accessing your whole brain, your senses and para-senses will multiply your creative freedom and generate new practical results in your juicy life.

Freedom From Trauma

Safely release a profoundly painful emotional event with a time-tested state-of-the-art method. Connect with your whole brain architecture to experience permanent relief and a fresh start in your life.

Inner Rejuvenation Practice 

Learn the most profound nervous system reset with this effortless meditation practice. Custom-tailored to reset your entire inner being and to anchor you in a practical method you will comfortably use for life.

About Adonata Pyaga, MS, LMHC, CHT

Since 1988 Adonata has been practicing as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Resolution Expert, Meditation Instructor, Fitness Consultant, Mentor and Educator. She has led tens of thousands of individual sessions and groups from private to corporate in all subjects facilitating full human potential expression.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology of Health and Healing at Naropa University, Boulder, CO and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL. She makes her home in Santa Fe, NM. For more, visit

Sessions vary in length and can combine more than one Adventure, custom-tailored to your needs.
You are warmly welcome to schedule a complimentary Exploration Session and learn more details here.

Group Option: if you would like to come as a group of 2 or more, up to 12 people, Adonata will be delighted to  ccommodate you. 
Long Distance Client: All sessions can be conducted via phone, video and email. If you are able to fly in for a custom package, you are warmly welcomed to do so. Adonata is also available to travel to other locations as feasible.

Did you Know? 

Adonata Pyaga has been meditating for 40 years (and getting younger, healthier, more creative, peaceful, and happy because of it!). She has extensive experience in a variety of practices, and can help you get the best results out of yours. She is available for private meditation instruction.