The Happy Heart

The Happy Heart


Grow Your Soul


Are you  a super successful, super intelligent 


BUT there is a corner and your being that is in  


Does this describe your inner challenges:

  • you have a mood or emotion you do not understand and cannot control
  • this emotion, whether it be sadness, fear, frustration, shame, etc totally throws you off balance             
  • you are solution oriented, but you cannot seem to help yourself in this life area                
  • your health or your relationship with your body could be better
  • you have one person important to you that  is really stressing you
  • you have memories of your childhood or adulthood that pain you 
  • a part of  you feels empty  
  • a part of you feels exhausted 
  • you feel you are not living from your most evolved self 
  • you want to grow to your next level but you are not sure of the best way 
  • you are your own greatest mystery 


...then you are ready to...


Does this describe your inner goals:

  • you want to completely overcome your lopsidedness 
  • you want to grow to your next level of your best self
  • you want to feel more connection with all life
  • you want to have great boundaries with everyone free of guilt or manipulation
  • you want to tap into a system of receiving answers from within yourself
  • you want to improve your health and your connection with your body
  • you want to experience more calm and  peace
  • you want to feel more inner power
  • you want to be more creative more consistently
  • you want to feel much better emotionally 
  • you want to master yourself 

 ...then I invite you to ...


What I will open up for you:

  • Truly knowing who you are at your deepest level   
  • Tools to support your expanding self for life  
  • Effortlessly handling all your connections with people  
  • Ending your challenging mood(s)  
  • Transformation of your intense emotional and physical pain into peace and power  
  • Overflowing creativity leading to your authentic expression in the world  
  • And more  

What is working/playing with me like?

  • All our work together will be multi-sensory, deeply meaningful, and totally uplifting  all at once
  • You will defy time limitations for experiencing freedom from pain in rapid and organic personal growth
  • You will find the direct highway to the wise part of you and act from direct knowing
  • Find amazingly fertile spaces inside you that you never knew were there
  • You will be having brand new experiences and you will feel totally at home in them 

Warning; All tools defeat the boundaries of your life history; get ready to be supercharged from within.

About me:

  • I have developed a proven system of permanent trauma resolution that has been time tested with  over 10,000 clients since 1988.  
  • I had my own full-time clinical practice in holistic psychotherapy in West Palm Beach, FL for 17 years.  
  • I applied novel methods such as Psychosynthesis®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Synergetics®, EMDR, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Integration, and numerous other tools.  
  • I specialized in Stress Management and Trauma Resolution. I worked privately, in groups and with corporations.  
  • I developed custom packages CEO One-On-One, Lead To Win, Serve To Win and Organize To Win.  
  • Since 2005 I created a location-independent business model and have lived in many places and had clients from all over the world.   
  • I can work with you in German, Portuguese, Spanish or English, long distance, face-to-face or a combination.  
  • Currently I live on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  

My educational highlights:

  • I graduated from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1994 with a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. I had a phenomenal internship experience where I learned hands-on how to differentiate and thus to properly work with the dually diagnosed, the psychotic and the neurotic personalities.  
  • I graduated from Naropa University, Boulder, CO, in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology of Health and Healing, a very juicy experiential degree, where off-the-norm thinking, feeling and self-expression were allowed and encouraged in the classroom.  
  • Before that I spent 2 years studying Electrical Engineering and the Science of Creative Intelligence at Maharishi University of Management, in Fairfield, Iowa, an excellent intellectual foundation.  
  • I attended High School at Colegio Notre Dame de Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, a very warm-hearted place. We attended school 4 hours a day and finished  a more extensive curriculum than the one offered in  the USA in 11 years rather than 12. We already had learned Calculus Two. Geometry was my favorite subject.  
  • Since I was eight years old I have been meditating, reading psychological classical literature, and intensely investigating  the rooms in my psyche.  
  • I have been practicing breath work, meditation, stretching, strengthening, talking to my inner child, to my body and to my full potential self as a gateway to connect to my soul for three decades.



Connect with me on a free exploration call. Discover what format might be most suitable for your journey. 

Book a 15-minute call with me here.

Choose from one of these Offers:

ONE  MONTH 3 sessions

THREE MONTHS 10 sessions

SIX MONTHS 20 sessions

All Offers include guided journey MP3s and contact between sessions as needed.

All sessions can be conducted long distance; international clients welcome.

Even experiential, outdoor sessions can be conducted over phone and/or video.

Local clients and those who wish to travel can arrange for face-to face sessions regularly.

Ready to shimmer from within? 

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 All Trivia and Truth: 

How old are you? Almost an adult. I have been that way for years.

How tall are you? 7 feet and growing.

Do you have a beauty trick? Be present in your soul.

Where is your accent from? I picked it up first when I was traveling through the seventh galaxy. You can see it when you close your eyes, look up and to the right. It is magnificent; can you envision it now? Since then I picked up German at home, Portuguese at school in Brazil, and Spanish in the streets of Buenos Aires, Florida and New Mexico. And of course, English while sitting for eight years in a great variety higher education chairs.

What do you do? I ignite you, me and all life I come into contact with, to live out our full potentials.

Why are you here? To spark every human’s full potential. To spark beneficial actions with our ecological origins.

What is your vision? Every person emotionally up-to-date, and living in such a a way that we greatly enhance the natural environment.

If you could do anything, what would you be doing? I am doing it.

If you could be anyone, who would you be? The most mysterious being I know of… me.

How do you feel in the core of your being? Lavishly free, expanded, explosively joyous.

What do you think about most? Everyday I ask myself: what is a thought I have never thought yet that would expand what is possible?

What do you enjoy most about yourself? My never ending ability to create.

What is a sensation you enjoy? Moving my skin under water. I go swimming often.

What activity gives you the most joy on earth? Inventing.

What is one thing about you that if people knew they would be surprised? I live in a forest. I live in a lofty arched dwelling in overflowing abundance. It is 180 sq.ft. in size. The wilderness has all the additional rooms I need. My main guest, my inner being, needs no room at all.