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The Happy Heart


Freedom From Trauma

When your brain is in balance, health, peace and joy are your natural state of being. Research shows upsetting events alter your brain and anchor states of fear, dissatisfaction, confusion and illness. The solution is to provide dynamic experiences combining body, nature and inner inquiry that specifically access your overburdened neural network. Time-tested uplifting activities will dissolve your unnatural state of anxiety, depression, broken sleep, high risk behaviors, relationship conflict, low immunity, chronic pain, and more.

Freedom From Trauma is a super-highway leading you to emotional wholeness. If you suffer from post-traumatic stress or a mood disorder, this formula offers you permanent resolution of one emotional upset at a time.

To learn the best format for your particular needs and wishes, please schedule a free exploration session below.

When you no longer carry a particular emotional pattern or burden, you will feel a brand new lightness of being. You will have the ability to carry on with your life with greater power and control. You will experience deeper joy, ease, peace, inner comfort and safety.

Trauma is any event that is greater than your resources to cope with it at the time it occurs.

As a result of trauma, the brain shuts down key psychological functions and operates on partial rather than optimal human capacities.

Trauma can occur at any age. As a child you are most vulnerable and may not even remember shutting down.

Trauma is a physiological event. An unprocessed emotional event stays locked in your biochemistry. Your brain's neuro-network literally remains frozen until you deliver to it the right set of keys to unlock it.

The brain splits the memory of trauma into two separate compartments. One stores the images of the event, and the other stores the sensations and emotions. The brain then chooses for you to regularly experience only one compartment. So either you tend to have disturbing visual memories while emotionally numb, or you tend to have strong upsetting feelings and physical discomforts without knowing their cause. In both cases your functioning in the world is far from being your optima state of balanced ease.

If you have no memory of trauma, but suffer from anxiety, depression, impulsivity, mood swings, disturbed sleep and other unresponsive physical discomforts, it is quite likely your brain is behaving this way due to an earlier trauma.

With The Happy Heart system you will be sequentially guided to reunite your brain compartments so that you can fully process the upset and unlock your frozen biochemistry. The entire process is empowering and uplifting throughout. It is a series of guided inner inquiries.

You will:

  • Clearly identify the scope of a stressor
  • Activate new and positive brain patterns for this particular stressor
  • Deactivate the original stress signal in the exact part of the brain where it was first stored
  • Replace the stressor with a new brilliant brain blueprint 
  • Restore your "stress-free brain"
  • Experience a balanced inner and outer life

If you haven't already, begin your journey now by assessing your stress and trauma level with this effective Trauma Self-Assessment Questionnaire:

Download your Trauma-Meter here

With this Trauma Meter, you will:

  • Find out if your past is adversely affecting your present
  • Find out exactly which aspects of your inner life are holding you back
  • Find out if your major triggers are past events or internal mood states, or both..

Your answers in this Questionnaire give you a map to your inner territory. The next step is to pick one of these "live wires", one emotional upset, and fully resolve it.

When you sign up for this event, you will begin receiving a sequence of tools that will lay the foundation for your extraordinary shift on March 19. Each activity delivered to your email will incrementally increase your well being, your sense of safety and your connectedness to all life.

The Happy Heart activities are primarily experiential and multi-sensory. They will include guided journeys, body, nature, breath and brain exercises. You will have your own revelations and experience the profound meaning of your life. You will be able to reorganize your former upsets into pearls. Your life walk will be spontaneously interpreted by your brain as a sequence of pearls forming the most beautiful pearl necklace.

The Happy Heart aims at bringing you complete autonomy over your healing process so that you can use it repeatedly for all upsetting circumstances. It is time-tested, safe and uplifting.

Attend this event from the comfort and privacy of your home, over the phone or internet. There are many benefits to processing your upset in this group format:

  • the group energy will lift everyone up
  • you will learn to direct your process
  • affordable: in one The Happy Heart group session, accomplish the equivalent of 6 standard private sessions

This method is a highly effective, time-efficient and safe way to process your trauma. 

Since 1988, Adonata Pyaga, MS has empowered hundreds of groups and over ten thousand individuals to be permanently free from emotional trauma and pain. As a result, devastated lives have turned to triumph, inner tranquility, creativity and joy.

She holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL , and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology of Health and Healing from Naropa University, Boulder, CO. She has countless hours of specialty trainings in stress and trauma resolution and has had a daily meditation and fitness practice since 1975. 

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Below is a list of topic-specific events. They can be hosted by your organization or group upon request.


Resolve safely and easily one upsetting or traumatic life event. An introspective journey will permanently shift your emotional pain and leave you uplifted. 


Discover and use your body-mind connection. Transform a specific discomfort or dis-ease into better health. 


Specific activities outdoors and within you will deepen your conscious connection with nature as an ally in your growth. 


Sitting in your office or at home, gently and profoundly increase strength and flexibility of your entire body. Rejuvenate, oxygenate, tone, and gain inner calm. 


Has meditation and stillness eluded you? Allow my 40 years of experience to guide your nervous system to truly relax, reboot and bring you expanded perceptions. 


Practice uplifting communication and conflict resolution skills and anchor your new behavior in your nervous system. 


Repattern your brain, your thinking and your body so you can once again experience restfulness, rejuvenation and energy. 


Are you 13-17 years of age? Turn your unique troubles into personal power. As you interact and introspect, feel better about yourself and feel more connected with others. 


Are you 17-21? Clarify and develop your unique path as you go on a guided mini vision quest in nature. 


Are you 21-30? Turn uncertainty, negativity and floundering into flourishing from the inside out, and turn your life into your work of art. 


Are you impulsive, addicted, tend to high-risk actions or violent outbursts? Give your brain what it really needs and increase self-control. 


Develop a supportive, non-controlling communication system with your body in beauty, food and fitness. 


Your nervous system has shut down to compensate for an unprocessed wound. Restore your inborn capacity for action. 


Widen your range of effective involvement with life as your anxiety turns to peace.