The Happy Heart

The Happy Heart


Inner Rejuvenation Practice

 What would it be like if you were incapable of perceiving anything that happens to you as a problem?

Imagine sitting down for your Inner Rejuvenation Practice, on a day you are feeling burdened and troubled. You close your eyes for 20 minutes, and upon reopening, you honestly cannot remember what was disturbing you before. You remember the events, but now they are not issues. Your brain feels clear and rested, your body feels relaxed, and your spirit feels serene. You feel you are having a fresh start.

A house that has been dirtied by extensive use without any cleaning is a good comparison to what your nervous system feels like when you don’t perform its ordinary maintenance tasks. When you cook daily in a kitchen but don’t wash the dirty dishes, soon you may not even be able to enter the kitchen. Similarly, your nervous system builds up tension, fatigue and confusion.

To clean your house, all you need is soap and a sponge. It may take a little time and be a little tedious, but in the long run it will enable you to cook many more meals and use your house effectively again. Without the simple task of maintenance cleaning, none of your other endeavors are likely to flourish. You will be unable to eat, love, work and socialize in your house.

While the task of house cleaning is not magical in itself, it makes room for a wonder-filled life to happen. The simple mental application of Inner Rejuvenation Practice will remove the daily debris and turbulence, and reengage your innate ability to feel calm, relaxed, serene, joyous, empowered, creative, and able to face any challenges in your path.

If you have lived with frequent anxiety and stress, the notion of having joy and peace already inside you may seem very foreign. It may appear that different feelings come and go by accident. You may have sought joy and peace in certain activities, substances and material comforts. You may have found them for a short time, and then felt hungry again.

With Inner Rejuvenation Practice, you can keep a clean mental house and permanently experience clarity, rest and energy.

The procedure itself follows a specific sequence of mental steps. It can be applied by nearly anyone, at any age and in any condition. A fundamental component is the quiet repetition of a specially suited sound. The right sound, will have the effect of soothing and healing all internal conditions, just as the right soap can dissolve the deepest dirt and reveal the deepest shine.

You and Adonata together will determine the appropriate sound for your nervous system in a series of three sessions. The correct sound for you is not drawn from a pool of pre-existing sounds. Rather, it is uniquely yours, and it is not from any particular language or philosophical ethic. It is vital that the sound be matched to your nervous system for this practice to be of full benefit to you. 

When your brain experiences deep relaxation, it unwinds all thinking, and eventually reaches a state of no thought. This is not a state you can reach by willfulness, concentration or force. In fact, you will not be concentrating, praying, contemplating, focusing, or even intending. You will not perform a ritual or some outer activity.

With a few parameters set in place, the mind unwinds of its own. This is a completely natural movement of the mind. It occurs spontaneously and repeatedly when you follow the procedural steps. The place of no thought is entirely different from the sleeping, dreaming, and standard waking. It is a distinct state of wakefulness, where you are fully aware and free of all thoughts at the same time. It is from this place that all stresses and mental constructs spontaneously reorganize themselves as opportunities, resources, and patterns of growth, leaving you feeling refreshed, enlivened, and more authentically you.

There are hundreds of popular introspection practices in the world today. Adonata has experienced they often are circuitous, lack precision and depth, do not provide consistently positive results, impose some religious connotation, and ultimately mislead the practitioner. Inner Rejuvenation Practice is the distillation of the most effective whole-brain coherence tools.

Ms. Pyaga, has been trained in introspective techniques since she is eight years old. She has had a daily practice for forty three years. As an adult she extensively practiced and researched dozens of meditation techniques, alongside a life-long study of Eastern and Western philosophies and cultures, past and present. She has a variety of fitness certifications and has practiced Hatha Yoga since thirteen years of age.

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To master your Inner Rejuvenation Practice:

IRP is structured as a series of sessions which can be conducted in a variety of time formats in one day or several meetings, privately or in a group.

  • Session One: Priming the Body & Breath. Mental Floss Preparation.
  • Session Two: Mechanics and Benefits of Inner Rejuvenation Practice 
  • Session Three: Discovery & Practice of Your Sacred Sound
  • Session Four: Review Practice, Integrate Experiences, Future Plan

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